What People Are Saying

"Excellent introduction to the subject. [Art of the Drink] establishes a comfortable setting and produces an interesting program. Highly recommended!"
- Library Journal

"Enjoyed your Volume 1: Bar Essentials. As a Hall-of-Fame bartender with international experience and author of Bottled Wisdom, I do a considerable amount of teaching and consulting. I will suggest your DVD enthusiastically. Are there continuing volumes coming or available?"
- Mark Pollman, Hall-of-Fame Bartender and Author

"I am training to become a bartender in Las Vegas very soon, and this is the most informative DVD on the market today. I learned so much in such a short amount of time – I love it! Please let me know when the next volume comes out so I can order it as soon as it's released."
- Charles Stevens, Bartender-In-Training

"I know so much more about cocktails now, and I've saved a ton of money I was wasting on drinks I didn't like that much."
- Jen Black, Executive Assistant

"I loved watching the students ask questions and make drinks - I felt like I was taking the class with them!"
- Joe Riccio, Consultant

"Art of the Drink is perfect for anyone seeking to expand their drink knowledge, from the host who wants to throw a better party to the experienced bartender looking to hone their skills."
- Mark Morris, Restaurant Owner

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