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Great DVD!
  - hellspasm

This video saved me a lot of money. Very good!
  - jon_djs

Thank you very much, have already watched the video, brilliant stuff!
  - chris_wellstead

Detailed info in a nicely done video.
  - clearlymom

Great show, thanks!
  - mc03stallion

Great item, awesome, thanks!
  - tpsbeast

  - lazzarini_giorgio

Great Video!
  - buysellmania

I'm a pro bartender and I recommend this video as a part of someone's training.
  - unclelee1

DVD helped a beginner like myself. Thanks!
  - muteki_styles

Very helpful video.
  - anjillica

Great video - learned a lot.
  - rmm0328

Great fun, thank you!
  - russ_miller0

Great DVD!
  - beerbigjoe

Great DVD!
  - landolywa

Can't wait to use this tool!
  - kevin_m_huff

Great video!
  - repooc6

I can't wait to practice, thanks!
  - shirleysiera

Looking forward to putting it to use. Thanks.
  - bertbuy

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